Tips for Passing the Ohio Maneuverability Test

The maneuverability test is one of the main reasons people don’t pass their driver’s test. If there was just a way that you could do that thing with some like marks or something so you know when to turn and just how much, right? Well there is.

I wish you’d have found this before you took your test but there really is an easy way to pass the Ohio maneuverability test. There are physical cues you can use that tell you when to turn the wheel and all you have to know is how much. That’s easy too. Wait till you see.

When you are starting, as you approach the second set of cones don’t forget to use your directional. Then watch as your side view mirror just passes the second set of cones then turn the direction you were instructed 180 degrees that direction and proceed to the single cone.

As your vehicle approaches that single cone do the same thing with the side view mirror. Get it lined up with the cone and this time turn the wheel 360 degrees the other direction. Move forward until the rear bumper aligns with the single cone and stop.  Leave the steering wheel turned.

Just pause for a moment and then put the car in reverse and guess what? Yep, look for that mirror to line up again. Then turn the wheel the opposite 360 degrees and back up until you line the mirror up with the set of cones and turn the wheel that 189 degrees again and back on out.

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