Little Known Secret for Teens Getting their Ohio Driver’s License

TLDR: At 15y 5m sign up for the 24hr Driver’s Ed and take that to prepare for the written exam at 15y 6m for your Temps. SIGNUP NOW


Teens in Ohio can learn to drive under the age of 18 with a probationary driver’s license. To oversimplify here are the steps typically taken by most people getting their license. (See below for what we recommend) 

  1. Prepare for the written exam by studying the Driver’s Handbook
  2. Take the Written Exam
  3. Enroll in a 24 hr Driver Training Course
  4. Enroll in an 8 hr In-Car Driver Training
  5. Take the driving test

But if you know the licensing requirements there is a little trick that can save students a lot of time studying.

It is REQUIRED in the state that teens take a 24 hour driver’s ed course. The state made a little accommodation for this in their laws in that at 15 years 5 months teens can sign up for 24 hr online driver education courses that meet that requirement. You probably already see where this is going knowing that.

We all get the Driver’s Handbook and study it from front to back so we can pass the Temps test. Then teens get their Temps and sign up for a 24 hour driver’s Ed Course because it’s required. In that course, when they are in it for 2 hours, they get what is called an “Enrollment certificate” so they can sign up at a local driving school for their 8 hours of behind the wheel driver training. Many do double duty going through the 24 hour course while also booking and doing the in-car training.

Guess what that 24 hour driver’s Ed course covers? All the material in the driver’s handbook. So a student can save themselves a lot of hours of studying that handbook by just taking the 24 hour course FIRST. Sign up at 15 years 5 months and do the 24 hour course. Then, just scan the handbook as studying aid prior to taking the exam at 16 years 6 months. This provides the student a structured and organized way to ingest the content over a month. Plus, the security of knowing they have gone through the book itself. Not everyone is good at just picking up that handbook and studying away.

They can have the 24 hour driver education requirement met before they even take the Temps test. It takes about 2 – 3 weeks for the average person to get through the course depending on how much time they dedicate to it. Then, they go to the local driving school to sign up and they have completed the 24 hour course, which the driving school will love. They book the 8 hours of in-car training and complete the 50 hours of driving practice. Students need to then have their Temps for six months before making their appointment for the in-car test.

Given that, here is what I recommend.

  1. At 15 years 5 months sign up for the online 24hr Driver Education course and complete it over the next 3 weeks (Don’t completely ignore the Ohio Driver’s Handbook, use it as a test prep tool the last 2 weeks before the test.)
  2. At 15 years 6 months take your Temps test.
  3. Signup and complete 8 hours in-car driver training
  4. Practice for 50 hours 10 at night
  5. Take the in-car driving test for your license.


You must have your Temps for six months before you can take your driving test.

Driving with Your Temps

Once you have your Temps, you must follow these restrictions

  • Must have a licensed driver 21 years or older in the front seat next to you.
  • Must complete 50 hours of practice with 10 hours at night
  • Must have you Temps for six (6) months.


I know you’ve heard this a hundred times by now and I’m sure most will pass over this, but this is the most important information on this page and I feel I’d be dropping the ball by not saying something.

As a new driver having been in a car your whole life there is a natural sense of understanding. You know how to drive, you’ve watched adults do it your whole life.  But watching and doing are two different things. As you embark on this new avenue of your life (pun intended) please take it as deadly serious as it is. Please, one time let this sink in.

Crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths.

Here is why. Overconfidence. You all see the videos on YouTube of under-skilled drivers causing crashes. What you don’t see, unless you’re pretty dark and seek it out, is the ones that are just a step worse where people do not survive. You know what is common among those videos? It is all young people. You don’t see older people driving beyond their skill level for many reasons. One is they have learned by then it isn’t worth it. But of course as young people you’re trying to define yourselves and test limits. Just please, always take driving super seriously the first like, five years. When driving, keep on top of it all.

Take your time with this. You’re in no hurry no matter how cool or popular you are. If you’re dead that won’t matter. Don’t have the radio on. Learn to check all the boxes as you drive. Be an overanxious driver and looking everywhere all the time. You should be constantly scanning around to learn what it is like dealing with other drivers.

Many drivers are not very good so you need to compensate and learn to drive at the same time.

It’s true, there are a lot of people that are not that good of drivers but got a license and can drive. You, as a new driver, are going to be learning to drive with them on the roads. Seriously, it isn’t a bad idea to get a “NEW DRIVER” bumper sticker. People behind you at least, will cut you some slack.

  • People Will Pull Out In Front of You
  • People Will Cut You Off
  • People Will Slam on Their Brakes In Front of You.


Those are things that happen to everyone of us every day. It is your job to be constantly alert and looking for this. That is why you have to be on your toes at all times as a new driver. Soon you will begin to recognize common things bad drivers do so you can avoid them. But for now, you have to be constantly alert watching what you’re doing and watching for someone else to mess up that you need to respond to.

That is why it is so important that you pay way more attention when you’re learning to drive. You don’t know all the subtle details those driver’s that you have watched your whole life are processing while driving you because by the time you’ve come along in their lives they have been driving a decade. When you’ve been driving a decade you’ll understand. For most of  you there isn’t any one thing you’ve done in your young lives that you’ve done for a decade so you don’t have anything to compare it to so you can understand.

Those of you that do, maybe you’ve hunted with your dad your whole life since you were old enough to go and you’ve learned proper gun safety. You know how you cringe when a novice takes ahold of a gun? You want to take it out of their hands? You young people that know something like that need to impart the wisdom you learn when you’ve done something that long to your friends your age that haven’t. How there is so much more than there is on the surface. How much more complex things really are. How after knowing something for a while like that it becomes a part of you. How you innately know what you are doing at that point. None of you know driving like that at this point in your lives.

Please, be super safe.

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